Well Hello

I’m not even going to try and catch up.

The truth is I’ve had a waxing and waning interest in painting and drawing since March. We made a trip to Michigan in April, my youngest girl and I have spent hours playing Minecraft and going to the pool, and it’s been less of a “J.O.B.” and more of a hobby.

But things are picking up again.

I’ve been working on anatomy, character design, and finding a stride with my painting style. I’m hesitant to post anything here… mostly because there’s been such a leap in my growth since taking a Udemy class and realizing that I can do some things I didn’t think I was capable of.

I’ve got an OC I’m fiddling with.

I’m obsessed with these birds.

I’m learning a lot, drawing and painting daily. Watching vids and studying artists.

I can’t say I’ll stop in regularly…

But I’m not gone.

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