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Well Hello

I’m not even going to try and catch up.

The truth is I’ve had a waxing and waning interest in painting and drawing since March. We made a trip to Michigan in April, my youngest girl and I have spent hours playing Minecraft and going to the pool, and it’s been less of a “J.O.B.” and more of a hobby.

But things are picking up again.

I’ve been working on anatomy, character design, and finding a stride with my painting style. I’m hesitant to post anything here… mostly because there’s been such a leap in my growth since taking a Udemy class and realizing that I can do some things I didn’t think I was capable of.

I’ve got an OC I’m fiddling with.

I’m obsessed with these birds.

I’m learning a lot, drawing and painting daily. Watching vids and studying artists.

I can’t say I’ll stop in regularly…

But I’m not gone.

Draw Every Day {Week 11}

I must admit to having some trouble keeping up with this month. The metallics are fun, but limiting, and I’m bored. Not sure how I’m going to do the black and white and pen months!!

Something that Smells Wonderful:

A Fun Object on your Desk:

Things You Collect:

Your Favorite Snack at the Movies:

The Best Part of Thanksgiving:

Your Favorite Healthy Food:

Your Favorite Indulgence: